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Mark and his team believe in partnership in treatment. We can help get you on the right road to recovery but we also help you attain the skills for keeping yourself there.

Mark has treated many top class sports people and stars of stage and screen to get them all to perform to their maximum potential. He has suffered injuries himself and realises how frustrating they can be. At the Cathedral Road Clinic the practitioners look at each problem individually and devise an appropriate treatment plan accordingly. Mark has a special interest in pain, not causing it but treating it, he has obtained a master’s level qualification in pain management and is an active board member of the Welsh Pain Advisory Board. “ Pain is something we all deal with at sometime in our life, sometimes it is short lasting other-times long. How we manage and treat it is can aid recovery and prevent long term complications. We are bombarded with a lot of advice from friends, family, the internet, GPs etc on pain relief and the amount of information can be overwhelming. My aim is to give you the appropriate advice and help you make sense of your pain/injury and guide you on the appropriate pathway to health”.

Here are a few ways to help you cope with pain whilst waiting for your consultation.

Ice or Heat?

In general ice is better when an injury has just occurred and in the first week after injury as it is an effective anti-inflammatory. (REMEMBER ice can burn so do not directly apply it-wrap a bag of frozen peas or an ice pack in a tea towel). Do not apply for more than 10 minutes every hour.

Heat is good for muscle aches to help relax tension and increase circulation. Again do not directly apply and use for only a few minutes at a time.

If you are unsure whether to use hot or cold, or a combination, please ask.

What About Medication?

Evidence has shown that ibuprofen can be effective in helping acute back pain (source clinical evidence.com) However, there is little clinical evidence to suggest that paracetomol is beneficial. Before taking any medication consult your doctor or pharmacist and always read the label. Most medications have side effects and long-term use can be damaging to the body.

There is no evidence to date that cortico-steroid or epidural injections have any long-term effect on pain although it might possibly relieve pain in the short term. Again, assess the risks.

A recent trial found that for low back pain, manipulation combined with exercise was found to be more effective than just GP intervention (source UK BEAM trial).


Feelings of helplessness, anger, anxiety, self doubt and guilt often accompany pain. These feelings often occur because you cannot function properly in everyday life and have to rely on others more, Studies have repeatedly shown that mood affects recovery time so take enjoyment where you can.

Pain is normally due to temporarily disturbed function.
Too much rest is unproductive.
Hurt does not necessarily mean harm.
Keeping your spirits up will help.

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